Help: Delay in between For Each Number Loop

Hi, I would like help implementing a delay or pause (procedure or not) after each step of a for each number loop. I need an answer ASAP. Thanks!

here is solution you need to use CLOCK component and in the designer properties of CLOCK component set ...

TimerAlwaysFires = false
TimerEnabled = false

and here are your blocks(colors of block may different because i changed them in my local copy of development)

here I triggered loop by clicking button but you can trigger as you wish then set your time interval according your requirement, define your task inside procedure or you can also define them into then part of if block.

Or like this, which should ensure that your next task (in this case add1) does not start until the previous task has completed


Thank you so much! It really helped!


This is an old extension about for-next loop with pause, I don't know if it will work for you correctly.

borrar2_p191_temporizador_bucle.aia (16.8 KB)

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