Help con Error General Sistema Permisos GPS


Estoy probando mi app con iOS y me sale este error general que no consigo detectar. ¿Me peude ayudar alguien?. En la app estoy usando el sensor GPS. Mi version iOS es de Iphone es 14.7.1.
Error Nr=101000
Descrpcion = "The specified method is not supported on iOS"
Componente = #
Funcion = "Promptfor Permission"

Should be working according to:

Tal vez es otro componente de la app dado que el código del componente solo se describe como # no me es posible saber con certeza que componente genera problemas.

This error is related to the WebViewer component's PromptforPermission property. On iOS, the native web viewer manages the location permissions by default so the implementation of this property just throws an error. In hindsight that seems like a bad solution though since the Android version won't, so the behavior between the two is inconsistent. I'll file an issue for this to be fixed.

Hello Mr. Patton,
you are right I'm using also the webviewer component on the app. I will manage this issue with the error code until it will be solved. Now, I will not do anything when I have this error code received on the app.