[HELP] Bluetooth LE Send Byte Array

Hi all,

I am having some trouble trying to send a Byte Array to a Bluetooth LE device.

First of all I am using a Triones Led Lamp. Have been following some tutorials on Youtube and checked how to get the Service UUID, Characteristic and the codes that I need to send:
Link to the Youtube Tutorial

To double check, I ensured that NFC connect could do the same (see attached images):

Everything was fine and saw which was the Service and the Characteristic.

After checking that when I send those 0x56(color)(color)(color)011f00 was ok, jumped to APP inventor.

As the LED light cannot be paired, I am using the Bluetooth LE extension. Normal Bluetooth client doesn't let me connect directly to an address (I am new to APP inventor, so if it can be done I could go that way). So Bluetooth LE lets me connect directly and seems working as the lamp disappears from the possible bluetooth connectable devices of other phones and if I open the NFR connect App shows as "Connected". So the connection part looks fine in my APP.

Problem is that I cannot send the data in a proper way. Have been trying around some other solutions like "Hexify" that I found on the old community or transfering and joining some bytes but the light doesn't change color (they are still in the code so is a bit of a mess right now, but didn't want to delete anything). Right now I am just using the buttons.

I attach the .aia file.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Kayak_Surf.aia (1.1 MB)

Edit: was doing a couple of tests and seems like in this .aia file the characteristic was not typed correctly. Correct service is FFD5 and correct characteristic FFD9.

Ok, I just checked that was sending incorrectly the information. It has to be done through a list and not with the join. Now the light is changing !