Help: bluetooth connection problem


Im trying to connect my app to a bluetooth HC05 using the mac address, if the HC05 is on before opening the app there is no problem with the connection. however if the app is on before turning on the HC05, the app will not read it. is there a way to let the app to just keep searching for the mac address to reconnect automatically. I dont want to create a button to search for bluetooth devices to connect. I just want to always connect to FC:A8:9A:00:07:B1.
Is there a way to just keep searching after any disconnections happens to directly reconnect without restarting the app?

please find my code below:

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how do i use the set clock 1? i cant find it anywhere in my blocks.

borrar_bluetooth22.aia (2.3 KB)

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connecting the hc05 is working fine but when power goes off and on, the hc05 will not reconnect automatically unless i close the app and open it again. it seems im doing something wrong.