Help aiuto to create app social

hi i would like to create a social media as i do can someone help me if it is possible
salve io vorrei creare un social media come faccio qualcuno mi può aiutare se è possibile

Ask a specific question Davide and someone will try to help you and provide advice.
What do you want to do?

i want to create a social media

OK. What do you want this app to do? App Inventor can be used to 'create social media' apps.

You will probably need to use one of these tools Social components in your app.

ok then...
I would like to create it as twitter or facebook

The Twitter component sis supposed be able to help you if you want to communicate with your existing Twitter account. Here is a tutorial . However, the component is broken

You might be able to build your app using the CloudDB or FirebaseDB

ok tanks bye bye

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