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When I made this app in order to pray liturgy of the hours there was android 5 and it worked, with the current version of android 10 it does not work because all the links to all web pages are opened at the same time. can someone please tell me how I need to modify to make the app work on android 10? Thank you.
Litrurgia_delle_ore.aia (3.0 MB)

Works OK here using companion on Android 10 and 12.

But you really should redesign using lists, you could do all of this with one screen and one webviewer/player.

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Even I experiment the same problem , since according to my apk have to download many pdf files from google drive using one screen but with different vertical arrangemnts. when i use webviewer all links open at the same time with one boutton. Iwant to be opened only one link that corresponds to the bouton click as set in blocks and other links remain invisible and not opened

I need help


Your issue sounds different. Please start a new topic.

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