How to Display Data from Csv to Tableview.

Hello Alstech

My advice: Don't!
The Table Arrangement has flaws, so it is safer to use rows of Horizontal Arrangements containing Labels.

If you have a lot of data, or the data is dynamic and number of rows varies, then either use an extension or if you know HTML & CSS, define an HTML Table within your App Block Code and display it in a Web View component. GUI Layout

Or do you mean Ken's TableView extension ?

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Yes, TableView extension

Can you send me a sample blocks?

In designer set the row delimiter


in the blocks, set the datastring, THEN build the tableview




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Give me a sample block to display data from tiny db to label.

Hello Aistech

This is a separate subject, right?

The a and d will display in label1
then the b and e will display in label2
then c and f will display in label3.

In that case, why are you storing the data in that way - store it as you intend to use it.

I will use Label to Display Data.

Yes, I know that :upside_down_face:

Label 1 a d
Label 2 b e
Label 3 c f

So in TinyDb you could store like this:
Tag Value
Label1 a|d
Label2 b|e
Label3 c|f

I'm sorry Alstech but that image explains everything, whereas your description suggested the opposite. :grin:

I will put together a little example for you.

Okay. Thank you :pray:

So, here we go, using Labels:

MiniTable.aia (4.3 KB)


..... Probably easier to build an HTML table in-App if you have a lot of data, but that requires some HTML know-how.

Thank you. I'll try it.

Or using the Tableview extension:




How to display like that if have a lot of data in one tag?