Hello Guys, how to create one button to make "Add a project" Realtime Database in Firebase? n Get the FirebaseURL :) Can You Help me to solve this case? Please!


I think you should use Firebase Storage Extension

What, do you mean, you want to connect Firebase with your project?

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have you connected Firebase with your project

Sorry I don't know what is the Format .aix for? is different with format .aia?

Yes. I've done. I just want to know how to create class based on my describe above.

see here for how to use that aix extension


Ok thanks.

any idea? @Salman_Dev

Ok. I get it . .aix format for extension. Right?

yes :grin: :+1:

How to create one button to make “Add a project” Realtime Database in Firebase?

You currently can't do this from within App Inventor

Get the FirebaseURL

You will need extensions to apply a firebase URL (it would have to use the same API key/Token)

OK Thanks. I want to try


link above Can't be access. there is another link or anther way to access it?

Use the link on the page linked to in my previous post, that works.

but the extension for FirebaseURL can't access (FirebaseAddOn)

Please explain what you mean.....