Hello guys, how can I create a button that can uncheck all the checkboxes?

Basically the title. I'm using a lot of checkboxes that users can check it themselves if that certain activity had been done for the day for 30 days. I'm wondering if I can create a button that can uncheck all the checkboxes once all of them had been checked? TIA!

Hello Daniel,

you have the "any component" blocks:


In your case, it would be something like this:


This is a record keeping problem.

I would pull in a TinyDB and rename it TinyDB_Activity_Dates, and change its NameSpace attribute also to Activity_Dates to keep it separate from the usual TinyDB.

Use activity names ('vacuum the living room') as tags, with values (default empty list) a list of dates when that activity was done (20231201, 20240201). Use format yyyyMMdd for the dates (pull in a Clock for the formatting) to allow easy sorting.

Yes this helps solve it. Thanks a lot!

And if you don't mind me asking another question, how can I create a button that will delete all the messages?

Depending on what you want ...that empty the list, the viewer and the tag roomName+"Chat" in tinyDB.

Yes this solves it. Thanks a lot!

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