Hello everybody... [how do I transfer data between screens?]

To transfer data betwwen screens .. i use open another screen with start value
Well it is work only from screen 1 ro screen 2
but when i try it from screen 2 to screen 1 it doesnot work ..why please?

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Probably because your blocks are wrong.

pleasr help me

i use same way to send from scr1 to scr2 i think my block arenot wrong

Please show your relevant blocks for each screen...

Hello Gan

Did you use "Open another screen with start value" with Screen1 as the Screen to open? - that is wrong because Screen1 already exists - so you are creating another Screen1, hence the problem.

So, to Close Screen2 and return to Screen1, passing a value to Screen 1:


Then in Screen 1:

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Thank you so much .. It works :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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