Hello Can anyone help me with my listview data?Advance thank you

I created two application one for passenger then one for driver .It is a booking application that has one firebase database.
The passenger application will send the booking information to the firebase.
I want to display the booking transaction for passengers from firebase in driver application using listview then i will pick one by one to accept it and display in driverapp tag but the data that i pick is also sending in the new app tag..help me please.

I am not sure blank is a valid tag .

which blank?


it will indicate that all data from newapp will display in listview.

because my tag is a clock

It is not clear to me where you problem lies? You do appear to have two different sets of data in the newapp project bucket? Explain what should happen when you press Send Response.

in our project there are two sets of data, one is for the driver and another one is for the passengers. our problem now is when i press a send response button to passenger user, the data is still sending in newapp project bucket which still stay in newapp project bucket. we want to send it to the project bucket driverapp so that the driver user can access the data from the newapp to send another response for confirmation.

this was response tag sorry i didn't change it

I want to send it to Driverapp project bucket but it still sending to the newapp projectbuckect please help me.

From your app description, I recommend this FireBase structure to accommodate drivers and requestors:

  • appname
    • availableDrivers
      • Sneezy
        • currentLocation: DC Hotel
      • Grumpy
        • currentLocation: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
      • Sleepy
        • currentLocation: DC Hotel
    • openRequests
      • 2023.05.09-10:07:09-Name:Lincoln-Age:43
        • currentLocation: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave
      • destination: Fords Theater
      • 2023.05.09-10:07:09-Name:GeorgeWilkesBooth-Age:33
        • currentLocation: DC Hotel
      • destination: Fords Theater
    • InProgress
      • Speedy
        • currentRequest: 2023.05.09-10:07:09-Name:EdwinBooth-Age:35
        • startLocation: DC Hotel
      • destination: Fords Theater
      • estimatedTimeArrival :11:00
    • Completed

This organization divides the data base into sections, by function, so an available driver can browse waiting requests, and a waiting customer can look for nearby drivers.

Therefore change the projectBucket to be Driverapp ? (otherwise it will still be newapp)

i used newapp projectbucket to display the bookingrequest information to listview and when it is display to listview i will select bookingrequest that the driver will accept and send it to Driverapp main tag

thank you sir but i am new in mit i cannot do complicated app like that