Hello all, a big thanks, and a question [Kinda solved]

Hi, I've been making some apps for my watches lately with app inventor and I am loving it, everything works perfectly. However I have one problem/question.

When I try to do a web request when my watch is using the bluetooth radio it fails. But when I do the request using the wifi radio it works. My workaround is to just unpair from the phones bluetooth and pair to the phones wifi for the request but my question is is it possible to have web.get work for my watch over bluetooth maybe using some extension?

My understanding is this platform is not meant for wear os, but so far almost everything works perfect!

P.S. The error I get over bluetooth is "1101 unable to get a response with the specified url"

I decided to make a companion app on my phone and pass it the commands to then pass on to web.get, its quite a bit of work so ill be checking back here to see if there's an easier way.

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I finished with the companion app. What I'm doing is checking if the wifi is disabled, and if so prompting a bluetooth connection with companion app and then have it do the web.get request. It all works nicely so I wont be checking back here and the question will probably be forgotten but it would still be really nice to have things work without a companion app and with bluetooth but maybe I wrong in assuming this is possible.

Again thanks to everyone for this awesome IDE!

This sounds interesting.

Would you care to share your source and other setup (choice of watch, etc.) ?

Sure, I currently have 3 watch apps I've made. Im using a Fossil 5 44m, but im sure the code will work on most wear os watches especially if they are on 2.0. And any tweaks to the code would probably be aimed at the screen size which is why i specified 44mm.

The first watch app I made lets me remote control my computer (send mouse movement + click + lets me run like 10 custom scripts from watch + lets me take a screen shot of my pc and lets me then view it on my watch)

the second one which is what made me ask this question is written better in the sense its not so specific to my needs, it lets the user enter 2 http endpoints which are triggered by shaking the watch and clicking the watch, along with a timer that reminds the user to shake/click which can be displayed by long clicking. after set up there is no GUI whatsoever to help battery. I recommend if your viewing this code to look with regards to the bluetooth workaround check out the companion .aia code.

QuickAPI2.aia (203.4 KB) - second watch app
QuickAPI2Companion.aia (49.4 KB) - companion app
Zipper.aia (215.2 KB) - My first simple watch app to zip/unzip files (GUI looks amazing)

This is my second day using this IDE and im sure my code is very bad so if you do see obvious things that im doing terribly bad let me know. Also i eventually plan on adding the bluetooth workaround to my main app.

I edited out my default http endpoints so if you hit "cancel" on the watch when it prompts you for the endpoints the app will break. Also I literally just finished making what you see and its not done but its working. (working on it now).

EDIT: For my purposes on the second app I dont even need to get data back from the companion app, but i will when i add a companion app to the first app because i need to send it the screenshots. which is why the companion app has the send capability and why i commented out the code that is meant for the other app (where it receives data).

I'm taking the liberty of posting your blocks and screen design for the watch helper app, since we don't get many (any?) watch apps here ...



Cool, im working on the first apps companion app now, but it will more or less be the same with the added functionality of sending data back to the client(watch).

I will update my previous post to include links of the said first app that lets you control your pc when its ready, however there is a lot of set up involved in that one (autohotkey + nodejs in the background) but its for sure my favorite app to use right now haha. Also all the apps im making are for watches so ill post them here in case it ever helps anyone.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cool thing about watch + ai2 while the app doesnt run in background mode it runs even when in the settings, looking at the watch face, and quite a few other screens!!! (when you set timer to alwaysfires this happens). Also setting backgrounds to black doesnt leave a glow!.. as it does on phone?