Heart Rate Measurement (again)

I wrote an app nearly 2 years ago using BLE and HeartRateMonitor.aix by @e.w.patton in June 2020 that works perfectly. I use a chest strap type BLE device.

I, once again, am researching to find a heart rate extension. I believe there is great need for such an extension from all that I am reading.

My problem is that HeartRateMonitor.aix does not seem to work with the new BLE for Android 12+

I would appreciate any help in finding a way to read heart rate from BLE

So we're talking about this and also about the test provided there aia:

And that would be?

What is the problem, on which test device with which Android version? Are there any error messages, if yes, please post sceenshots.

ThinkRider belt
Oppo A95 Android 13

My app with new BLE reads battery just fine but not heart rate.

No error messages just no reading

As I said, I wrote this app nearly 2 years ago. I still use it every single day. I wish to make a small change to it. I have replaced the BLE in the new app for Android 12+ but otherwise the coding of the app is unchanged (exactly the same).as the original still functioning app.

Bluetooth connects and the heart rate battery level can be read but heart rate no longer works.

I would appreciate any help in finding a way to read heart rate from BLE

Unfortunately, I can't check this at the moment because I can't find my BLE heart rate device (also the battery would probably be empty).

Then stay with the old BLE extension for the time being and add the missing permissions

 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_SCAN"/>
 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT"/>
  1. by either using the BluetoothClient component (as a dummy) or
  2. by adding the two permissions mentioned above to the Manifest manually.

The first option is certainly easier and faster for most.

  1. I do not understand what you mean by 1.

  2. These two permissions are the only difference between the current BLE and the former one?

I have never played with permissions.
I would prefer a long term fix.

Thank You

As I said, the BluetoothClient component declares the (missing) permissions in the Manifest.

So where is the problem to check it out with the old BLE extension by adding a BluetoothClient component to the screen (in the Designer)? Build the APK and try...

So the app with the old BLE ext works after BluetoothClient was dragged into Screen1, neither with the APK nor with Companion? Right?

Runtime ERROR need android permission blah blah

You must request permissions manually (as I have posted dozens of times).

I guess I am confused. How do I do that?

And again and again:

:frowning_face: your the expert and I AM NOT. that is why I am asking for help.
you may have posted again and again dozens of times but I have not connected all the dots

Ok, and now you have

Does it work? (with the APK)

And post the aia or PM me. I can check when I've found my BLE device again.

I appreciate that very much.

My .aia is huge. I will need time to remove 7 screens and simplify. This will take time. It is 20:50 here so perhaps tomorrow or saturday? At very least that gives time to find your belt?

I, like you, am very interested and dedicated to health. At 74 yrs I still workout daily at maximum heart rate. I track continuously and feel certain it is the reason my health is extremely good. the app I created enables me to do this.

Thank You

:+1: :clap:

On this occasion: A few years ago I wanted to create an HRV (heart rate variability) measurement feature. We are missing - as far as I know - but still appropriate extensions or any APIs. Unfortunately, I lost sight of the topic again. If anyone knows anything more about this, please let us/me know.

The HRV provides very good and reliable information about the state of relaxation and health of a person and is used worldwide (not least by (competitive) athletes.

Screen1.aia (352.7 KB) - EDIT: aia removed (paid ext)

As promised, this is the original with the old BLE