He speed of the application decreases, and suddenly it freezes

My application has 8 pages, and after a while of working with the app with different pages opening and closing, the speed of the application decreases, and suddenly it freezes. Does anyone know the reason?

Maybe you are opening the screens each time but not closing them.

Check this:

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If the problem only occurs with the APK, note @Ramon's note (and how to switch screens correctly), otherwise we need to see the blocks.

I have used this code

We need to see the blocks from the other screens.

TimerAlwaysFires does not turn off the Clock Timer.


And again: Is the problem occurring with Companion or the APK?

with APK

Then show your relevant blocks (for switching screens) of all screens and/or post the aia.

for example

You have 13 Clocks?

Maybe use just 1 Clock with 13 deadlines in global variables?

Is the number important? Clocks turn on and off on a limited basis

We have few straws to grasp with such limited information.