HC05 client and AI server

I wrote a AI program talking with arduino through HC05 module.
AI app is the client and a button start connection with HC05. This wors fine.

the proble is i have to initiate connection from my app
I'd like to have an automatic connection as soon as phone and HC05 are closed enougth.
i coud have a loop in my app trying to connect but this will drain battery if phone is far from HC05.

so. is it possible to declare my app as BT Server and force HC05 asking for connerction (client) ?

I was making an app similar to yours, communication between the Serial Monitor and the app.

Regarding the question, AI2 does not work with services, so you will have to start the application even if the server is the application.

Of course my app is started, but i'd want it to be server instead of client because if it is client it has to try to connect again and again until connection is establshed wich will srain battery and freeze the app.

and my app can work like a service (in background) with the Keep Alive Extension