HC05 Bluetooth Terminal App for AVR microcontroller!

hello everyone!! i am on designing software to communicate my Atmega328p ic and my smart phone through hc05 terminal app...but can get related post on designing such android app, can you suggest me please?

Here an example of Arduino and HC-05

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I already knew that, but it doesn't work for my controller...

Is your controller just the Atmega328p IC or on the Arduino board?
How do you program your controller, using the Arduino IDE?

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I'm use Atmega328p and I have small experience to program it using Atmel studio( owned by Atmel company). i am not use Arduino IDE...

It is a question about programming with AVR Studio.

Atmel Studio.

Another idea would be to program with the Arduino IDE with the codes you have in this Community and then pass the assembler file to Atmel Studio.


- Arduino IDE. Hexadecimal and Assembler files.

We are going to get the hexadecimal and assembler file from an Arduino .ino file.

- To get the hexadecimal...

Sketch / Export Compiled Binary
Sketch / Show Sketch Folder

  • You get a folder with .ino and hexadecimal files.

- To get assembler...

  • CMD Shell

cd ....\Arduino\hardware\tootls\avr\bin> avr-objdump -j .sec1 -d -m avr5 fichero.hex > fichero.asm

  • You get an assembler.asm file. You can open it with Notepad++.
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Cheers! finally I did it, I crate my own HC05 terminal app using MIT app inventor to communicate HC05 Bluetooth module with Atmega328 AVR Microcontroller(not Arduino). I am happy with that, and i will be back soon with full tutorial on this topic.