Having trouble recalling values from a list

Hey everyone. I'm having trouble with a list that I made for an app i'm working on. The list works well enough, here are the relevant blocks:

As you can see, the list saves some textboxes I have so I can change the values of both of them at the same time, those values being the ReadOnly property and the text color when the user clicks on that button. Then I store those values to TinyDB. So far, so good.

The issue I'm facing is that I can't seem to recall those values when I change screens. I tried recalling the list but I just get an error when I come back to the screen. What's the appropriate to call back those values from tinyDB? never tried calling back textbox properties from a list before so I'm stumped.

Components can't be stored in TinyDB, and can't be transfered to other screens.

Either use stacked Vertical Arrangements (one visible at a time) instead of screens, or just store the individual attribute values (color, true/false, text, etc.) of those components in TinyDB.

I see! I'll store those values individually then, thanks for the help!

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