Having This Problem

Im having this problem…then when i refresh…its like no internet connection…but i can browse other site…please help…thanks…


Refresh, Restart, Reboot
see if that helps

it doesnt help when i refresh after error appear( This site can’t be reached) it takes a minute to reload to site…it keeps on that error…it keeps my project unsaved…when it return, some of my blocks didnt saved before the error appears…

The main AI2 server is working fine, so the issue is something at your end…do you have a good internet connection, are you using the main AI2 server ?

yes i have a good internet connection and it doesnt cut…just that error comes while i making a project…the error says “could not save one or more files. Please try again later”…dont think its an error on having my internet connection cut…ill always have a monitoring ping…

How many files are in the assets and how big are they?

sorry, how to know How many files are in the assets and how big is it??

What’s in your Media folder?

See here:

if its about Aia file…its 27kb only

Ok, that's really small. Try this server: http://code.appinventor.mit.edu/
If that also doesn't work for you, post the aia.