Has anyone seen this before?

Can someone tell me if they have seen this before? It is just "too perfect" from this student however, I am unable to find its source. We never went over the Table arrangement and there are 2 images that arent even used...it just doesnt feel right...you know?

  • Can your students read? "We never went over the Table arrangement". The Layout is discussed in the AI documentation and in many tutorials.
  • something 'similar' is Xylophone .. the leap to post or cycle thoughe images while changing a sound is very small.
  • the use of at least 10 Sound components is not very sophisticated ; the sound can be used easily with probably a single component and one of the random Blocks.

no I do not :cry: This coding is well within the abilities of a 10 year old to code.
This is pretty neat. Give him several stars instead of suspecting foul play.