Happy Thanksgiving

As we wrap up the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, I wanted to take a brief moment to thank everyone who helps contribute to making MIT App Inventor a great project to work on. I am really privileged to work with a great group of people at MIT who really care about making the world a better place, daily offer intellectual challenges, and keep me on my toes. In particular I’d like to thank Hal for giving me the opportunity to lead the development of App Inventor. It continues to be a wonderful journey.

I would also like to thank the power users for their continued support of our greater App Inventor community as well as their continued feedback on new features as we develop them. Their input continues to help shape App Inventor for the millions of people who will use it in the coming years.

For the developers in the open source community, who through their pull requests help multiply the effort of our core development team by selflessly contributing to the project: thank you. I look forward to growing this community further in the coming years.

Lastly, for the master trainers, teachers, and students who continue to use App Inventor and help us to create a better community for people to play, discover, and learn, thanks for joining us on this journey and I look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the years to come.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.