Handling Conflicting Packages

I have an app which has only a webview in it, in which an html file is shown, which is uploaded in the app itself.

When I update the html file and try to update the app it says "App not installed because the package conflicts with an existing package"

Can anyone suggest any solution other than uninstalling the previous app?

This happens when you do not sign the app using the same keystore. Generally, the App Inventor server stores your keystore in your account, so either you are switching accounts when building or you are switching between servers. You should not be getting this error when building on the same account on the same server unless you've explicitly replaced or deleted your keystore.

I am sure that I am building them from sams account.

But it can be the case that the server is different because error occurs when I upload a new media file in the app.

Can you specify, if there is any way to solve this issue?
Can we decide on which server the media files are being uploaded?

I know its hard to believe me, but see what I found,
If you set the webview to display and html page and build and install the app, and then try to change the html page and re-install the app, it throws a conflicting package error and will not update the app, if you put name of the html page in the design section:

but it totally works fine when using this:

I now set the category of this thread to Bugs and Other Issues
probably @ewpatton likes to investigate this issue?


If you use simple html file containing only basic syntax of html it works fine, but it shows the problem I mentioned on updating the app when an html file like this is used:
Recommended HTML File to be used to testing

Yes indeed, difficult to understand and believe. To be clear, I doubt it.
Upload both APKs to Google Drive and post the links. I would like to check it myself.

Have you checked it yourself?

Unfortunately, it happens sometime and sometime it works fine, I tried recreating the situation but it updated without any package conflicting error.

I checked it on several devices / Android versions. No issues at all.

I have removed the Solution marker for now. I will close the topic soon.


OP says reinstall of app, do they mean update or uninstall then install?

This is the drive link of apks showing conflicting packages: Apks of determinant calculator - Google Drive