Guide for Bitwise maths blocks?

I've seen a couple of strange blocks, which if I'm being honest I do not understand their functions at all, and these are the (Bitwise and), (Bitwise or), and (Bitwise xor). I've looked up online but i found no good tutorials for using these blocks, so can someone please explain them?

Have read here?

Yes but it's still somewhat unclear so can you please clarify what each one does in simpler words?

Did you try to have some Google?

I'm sorry to have bothered anyone but I really couldn't understand it and thank you

See this maths block is related to binary numbers.. for every input number it will be converted into its related binary then applies the logic.. see the bellow eg as given

The given two input numbers are 6 (it's binary values are 0 1 1 0) and 3 (binary value is 0 0 1 1) and now apply the logic bitwise and which mean, both binary must be 1 and will be converted into number value..

So here second place is 1 for each number and it's corresponding number value is 2.

That's all

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Thank you very much

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