Guidance on Importing Website Data into My App

I'm currently working in the process of developing an app for my website, and I'm facing a challenge in figuring out how to import my website data into the software. I want to ensure a seamless transition of information between the website and the app.
Are there any specific functions or methods that I should be aware of for importing data into my app? What considerations should I take into account to maintain data integrity and consistency? Any advice or guidance from those with experience in this area would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Here Is My Website:
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How is your website data stored ? Which database ?

MySQL Database

Then use the Web component to query your mysql data with a suitable php file on the server

Thank you for your quick response and valuable suggestions. Our website data is stored in a MySQL database. I'll follow your recommendation to use the Web component for querying the MySQL data with a suitable PHP file on the server. The provided links will be a great resource for understanding the process better.