Guess_the_Flag game!

this is my first game submission to the app inventor showcase.
the classic guess-the-flag game usually displays a flag then you guess, using a listviever, what country it represents. my app gives a twist to this game. it shows the name of the country and you guess the flag!
you get the usual feedback if you're right or wrong but at the end, it shows you the correct answer (highlighted in yellow) PLUS it gives you the country names of all the choices!

here's the first attempt - no quite hitting the mark...

here's a move that got it right (by pure luck!)

and here's the aia of the program.
guess_the_flag.aia (12.0 KB)

i hope you like it.


Nice game!

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How many countries are in this aia? :slight_smile:


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Good job ! Congrats

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i've updated my game so that there is a review mode that allows you to see the ALL countries and their correspoding flags stored in the game (don't worry about image sizes - the flags are encoded as emoji's using ISO 3166-1 - Wikipedia).
snapshots below:
an incorrect move...

a correct move...

and here's all the countries in review mode:

here's the new aia:
Guess_the_Flag2.aia (15.6 KB)