GSOC- Query about Proposal and Acceptance

Hello everyone, I am interested in participating in the GSoC competition and I noticed that your organization is one of the participating organizations this year. I was wondering if you could help me learn more about your organization and the projects you have listed for the competition. I am particularly interested in Designer Projects and would love to get some guidance on how to get started. I appreciate any assistance you can provide.
I'm a beginner in open source world.
Here are some of my questions about Proposals:

  1. Do i really need to contribute in the organization before being accecpted as a contributer ?
  2. For the project that i am intrested in there are two prerequisites mentioned Java, GWT, but i only have experince in java and Android Development , so can i still apply for it and learn after being accecpted ?
  3. How do i get my proposal get reviewed by a mentor before submitting ?

Any other suggestions/tips are appreciated !

Technically not, but it helps demonstrate initiative.

Yes, this is a possibility.

Unfortunately we've passed the GSOC deadline for this year so we will only be able to review final PDFs in the GSOC system at this time.