[GSoC] Adding Different Preview Options To Designer in App Inventor - User Feedback

Hello Everyone :wave: :wave:
I am Hemani Kaul, one of the GSoC 20 participant.
This summer I will be working on Adding Different Preview Options To Designer under the mentor ship of Mr. Jeffery Schiller @jis also I would like to thank all the mentors supporting us in one or another way.

To know better about what I will be working on this summer : [Click Here]

Feel free to give your suggestions or questions anytime.

Thanks in advance.



Thank you for doing this!
It looks like a lot of work, I wish you the best!


Great proposal @himani. I wish you all the best in your endeavor.


Thank You :grinning: @Peter @Ken


So the past one month has passed successfully and I am here to update the App Inventor community about the progress of my work this summer. Hope you all like it.

  1. Firstly we can activate the Preview drop-down from the Device Default theme button. Here we have 3 styles initially as you can see.

  2. For the Android Material, we can preview the color of the status bar by changing the PrimaryDarkColor.

  3. These are the temporary iOS mocks which I have added for the correct flow of the project and will be changed later with iOS styling.

  4. Finally the preview styles will be stored in the back-end once we the refresh is screen the preview style still exists.

Here is a little demonstration of my work :-

During the next phase I will be focusing on styling of all components according to different preview styles and improvising the current work. Thanks for watching and all suggestions are welcome.



Nice work @Himani :+1:


Thanks @Peter