GSOC 2024- Block Editor Projects

Hello Everyone,

I'm Srija Bal. I am interested in contributing to Block Editor projects in GSOC 2024.
I have a few questions.

  1. What issues I can solve before submitting the proposal, to show my competence related to block editor? I did not find an issue related to it with the "help wanted" label.

  2. Any specific resource related to the blocky library, how to get started with it with context to app inventor.

  3. Could you kindly confirm whether block editor projects will be selected for this year's GSOC?

Thank you for your help.


The "Blocks Editor" section is a collection of different projects, it's not a project unto itself.

I have added a few more issues to the help wanted tag related to the blocks editor. You may also want to look at our existing plugins to understand how the code might look once broken out of App Inventor sources (lexvar plugin, workspace-multiselect plugin)

Blockly has a lot of documentation on how to create plugins. You may want to try your hand at creating a simple plugin to see how that process works first.

We only give a ranking of projects to Google, so even if we select Blockly related projects there is no guarantee that those projects will ultimately be funded from their end. The final rankings also depend on the quality of proposals and contributions by the prospective GSOC participants.

@ewpatton sir
My name is Adnaan, and I am a Computer Science Engineering student at VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology (VNRVJIET) in Hyderabad. I am writing to express my keen interest in participating in GSoC 24, particularly in the "Blocks Editor Projects" category
I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me to the project's chat room or any communication channel where I can engage with the project's community and learn more about the ongoing discussions and tasks.

Additionally, I am interested in preparing a proposal for GSoC 24 to outline my contributions and ideas for the project. Could you please provide me with a sample proposal or any guidelines to assist me in this process?

Thank you for considering my interest in participating in GSoC 24. I am eager to contribute to the "Blocks Editor Projects" and look forward to your guidance.

Best regards,