GSoC 2024 Assets/Extensions Library

Hi everyone,

I am interested in writing a proposal for the assets and extensions library. I just had a few questions regarding the suggested idea for the assets library. The suggested idea said that the expected result would be to have a working extension that performs a useful task that can be loaded into App Inventor.

Does this mean the asset library will not be available to all users by default?

A question I have for the extensions library idea is:

Is there a list of extensions that are of high priority that need to be added to App Inventor? If so, how many of them are there?

Thank you!

Chang Min


Hi Evan, I saw that you were a potential mentor for both projects and saw that you were quite active on the forum, so I wanted to tag you to ask these questions. I hope that I don't take up too much of your time.

After reading the descriptions for the extensions library again, I am confused as to what it is asking for. What does it mean by " host a library of potential extensions that people might want to add to their projects"? Does it mean that we are trying to add additional components like the Bluetooth Low Energy for IOT? Or is it asking for something else?

Yeah that is a confusing to me too.
Maybe they are talking about creating a place where others can host / list their extensions... Within their website like they were talking long ago

I am not sure though

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Can I get a link where I can read these requirements?

project list for gsoc 2024

I might have misunderstood these requirements though.