GSoC 2023 Form - Query on submitting responses on a single page with same link

Hello everyone,

According to the form instructions, I can use the same page for multiple answers, but I want to verify if there are any limitations on the number of answers I can include on a single page or any other guidelines I should be aware of. I am planning to put all of my answers on a single HTML page and use the same link on all of the long-answer questions. Can anyone provide some clarification or advice on this matter? Thank you in advance.

use a google docs for the same and provide its URL there

@DHRUV_PATIDAR Single doc containing All the answers and same link to all questions right?

Yes write all the things in one Google docs and then copy the link of a topic from the table of contents of your Google doc and paste it there

Thank you for your help :grin:

@DHRUV_PATIDAR I am actually considering on writing all answers in a single markdown and putting up links to each headings in the form. What do you think of this?

Our Google Form is meant to give us insights into how you understand App Inventor and its mission. You will only need to submit our form once in addition to submitting your proposal(s) via the GSOC website. We will match up the proposals to the Google Form based on the name and email address provided.

Thank you for your helpful response