GSOC 2023 - Extension library

Hi, may I ask for the extension library Google Summer of Code 2023 · mit-cml/appinventor-sources Wiki · GitHub, is there a specific number of new extensions expected for that project size? Also, can I confirm that the extension might not be related BLE for IOT devices as mentioned in the prompt? I am currently writing a proposal for a Stripe extension.

Thank you

The idea behind the extensions library is to provide a place where approved extension authors would be able to contribute their extensions and improve their discoverability within MIT App Inventor. We are also interested in things like deduplicating extension binaries in the backend as well as aiding users in upgrading from one extension version to another when one becomes available. Probably the first iteration would just start with MIT published extensions and then we would grow the infrastructure from there.

Hi @ewpatton! thank you for the guidance. I will update my proposal with the 2 tasks you mentioned about, namely:

  1. Deduplicating extension binaries in the backend
  2. Aiding users in upgrading extension versions

I have actually written a proposal on the Stripe extension that I mentioned about, would you mind taking a look whether I could add the 2 tasks into the timeline? or is the current proposal not as relevant and I have to discard it and rewrite a new proposal? (seems like the latter, but just to double confirm)

(Power users and mentors feel free to add comments as well, any constructive
feedbacks are welcomed and greatly appreciated)

GSOC 2023 Extension Library Proposal

Thank you