GSConnected extension list from csv table error

how to set the Data as list, as it gives the following error

I know this one, but my sheet is private, so I use the Gsconnected extension, in that extension how to convert and how to add each column to a list

Well, if you show what is coming back, we can help you find a solution.....

18/05/2022 13:10:54 c7534e1d0b38ea0f email1
18/05/2022 13:11:12 c7534e1d0b38ea0f email2
18/05/2022 13:41:58 519b0fa7be4f9da3 email3 hell
18/05/2022 13:39:19 519b0fa7be4f9da3 email4 HO
18/05/2022 13:38:32 519b0fa7be4f9da3 email5 ed
18/05/2022 13:38:23 Row data inserted to row 3 email6 HELLO 123
18/05/2022 13:37:57 Row data inserted to row 3 email7 HELLO 1234
18/05/2022 13:38:04 Row data inserted to row 3 email8 HELLO 123

above is my spreadsheet data.

see that it says it is not a list. It's a string, how to make it as "list"

For many functions in the script, data comes back from the extension as a stringified json array, you have to use the parse block provided in the extension to convert it to an AI2 list.


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Yes brother, this works fine and output is correct.

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