Grouping and selecting and moving multiple objects

Can we group the projects we do? For example, grouping and moving some functions.
As the number of blocks increases, it becomes difficult to move them one by one, will there be multiple selection and carrying feature?

Unfortunately, the Blocks Editor is not equipped for that.

Fortunately, well named functions can be downloaded as PNG files (right click menu) and saved on your file system(s) in appropriate folders or Github, suitable for dragging into fresh Blocks Editor workspaces.

But wouldn't that be too hard? For example, if there are more than 100 objects in the project, I will have to download them one by one and upload them again. Can't select and move feature with CTRL?

The Designer's copy and paste feature is said to copy the blocks of interior components when you copy and paste Arrangements.

By the way, I hope you are not programming using a rubber stamp.

I made a remote 16-relay automation control system with esp8266.
I made the phone application with Mit App, but as the program evolves, it becomes difficult to move objects and add objects between them, so I asked how we can easily move objects by selecting them.

Controlling 16 relays cannot have so many blocks that you have trouble managing those blocks.

you might want to follow the DRY programming principle - Don't repeat yourself

simplify your blocks, use procedures, use the advanced blocks...


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I totally agree to @Mustafa_Ozkara . Grouping, selecting and moving multiple objects would be very helpful/necessary. Is there at least a possibility to define the insertion point of a backpack paste? I tried to paste the content of the backpack and ended up in a total mess. Solving a specific problem in one module/app and reusing it in another application seems to be essential.

Any hints/ideas? Or is it more like "app inventor is great for educational purposes" but not for "real coding" ?

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It would seem to me to be easy to implement (on the development end of App Inventor itself): Create a new "block" environment (like the if/then or event handling environments, etc.) that "does nothing". In other words: it just surrounds code with some (new) color and expands as new code is added, is selectable, and draggable. ... Please consider doing this, MIT!!


Then submit a pull request on github with the suggested changes....

I agree. it seems like a basic cleanup tool.

I'm looking forward to a block structure that will be used for grouping. It would be great if there was a block like groupbox in c#.