Green frame around the image! Why?

Hello. I ask for help! My problem is that on an already compiled application, a green frame appears around the image according to the size of the image. Why does she show up there? And how to remove it?

We do not know, you do not tell/show us anything about the workings of your app, how the image is loaded etc. Also, supply the image (it may already have a green border ?)

I'll try to get the point across. I placed a horizontal layout on screen 1 and inserted my image into it. and compiled it to see the result! A green frame appeared on my image. It feels as if the object has been selected, although the clickable property is not set for it.

Provide an example aia project that demonstrates the problem

Yes. Of course. Here is this project.

This is Apk, not Project file AIA

CAN_LOGAN_16_SEPT_2023_NEXT_TEST.aia (282.8 KB)

I don't see any green line both in companion and build apk

it's kind of weird, because I see it on the screen, just like I would highlight this element in the editor on the site

Please clear browser history,caches,cookies and try,

as it’s not visible for me anywhere

No green square for me either with compiled app

I do see the green square in the designer, like in your screenshot, when the containing arrangement is selected

Well, yes! But somehow, magically, this square turns into a ready-made apk : thinking:

yes if you select anything in designer, it turns green :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Absolutely! But how can it be on a ready-made .apk, especially on an image! I can't imagine!

Clearing the browser history and cache didn't help. But having connected through a companion, the green square is no longer there. But in the finished .apk it appears again. It's amazing!

First ensure that the specific component is not selected in the designer (no green square), then compile the app. Does it still show in the compiled app ?

This is with the help of a companion

Yes. I thought so right away. and took action. Nothing is highlighted in the editor now. But this frame still haunts me.

Does this give you a green square when compiled ?

greenSquare (1).aia (24.1 KB)