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I wanted to know what´s the best way to do a range of numbers with a LOGIC block. I want to test with an IF...Else, when the answer is the range of numbers from 11 to 20...but i dont want to do an IF block for every number in that range.

Would apprecciate some light into how this works, thanks!

Yes, this is the way to do it...
Does it not work for you?

it´s not working....I´ll check my global answer...Thanks

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

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I once programmed a tax table in a payroll program using a table based approach.

Load a CSV table from your Media folder (//) with 2 columns

  • base (minimum value) of range
  • applicable lookup result, like your text values

The table has to be in ascending order by column 1 (the range base).

To do the lookup, start at the end of the table (length of list) and descend (for each index from length of list(lookup_table) to 1 by -1) until K15SYS_100 >= (select item 2 from row number index of lookup table)
and break when your value exceeds the base of that row of the lookup table.

I am assuming your first row will be less than or equal to the lowest possible value of H15SYS_100.

Here is a sample table lookup by range, for single US Federal tax payers, loading the table from the Media folder ...
tax_table_lookup.aia (5.9 KB)
Tax table CSV:
Single.txt (116 Bytes)

Choosing which tax table (I only coded one)

I kept getting a short row at the end of my table, so I added a procedure to trim short rows:

The removal has to work its way down from the end, because the indices collapse after each removal.

I used lots of well named global variables for visibility, sanity checking, and traceability.

Be sure to try the About button, because today is US Federal Tax day traditionally April 15th.

I regret I have no screen shots, because my MemuPlay emulator has been clogged lately.

Is you are getting any error? If yes, send that error or send your full block