Graphic problem of a scale. Fulcrum. Unfinished mathematical code proposal

I propose this graphic example in case someone wants to do it.

If you succeed you can post your code in this topic so we can see it.

  • Observe the image, when we press the "Left" or "Right" buttons, the scale rotates 20º around the fulcrum, but observe in the image that there is an erroneous displacement of the center of the scale, correct it!

  • Look at the image, the fulcrum can be moved only horizontally (ImageSprite2.Dragged). We drag the fulcrum to any place horizontally. We press the "Left" or "Right" buttons and the scale must rotate 20º around the fulcrum.

Balanza_2.aia (11.7 KB) (unfinished)

Share your solution in this topic!

Probably @ABG has a work-around up his sleeve....