Graphic equalizer extension

Hi All

Does anyone know id there is a graphic equalizer extension available?



One stop to look for all extensions for AI2 and distributions -

Is that what you want?

But is it a Graphic Equalizer? Can you see it on the screen and is there a visualization like little bars moving up and down?

I haven't bought the extension, sorry.

Looks like it is an audio related extension.
Have you tried searching on Puravida apps?

yes, I have. Thanks. I didn't really see anything??????

There is one extension by DeepHost.
But I don't think their extensions are supported anymore.
I guess it isn't what you want
Still, you can give it a try.


Hi Alaqmar

I always get lost on that site.. Do you mind sending me a link


Well their site has nothing!
Try downloading their app

thank you for that

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I believe you have to build your UI for it, probably using sliders. @Ken provides an extension for making vertical sliders.

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Hi Tai, No, I'm not thinking about that. I talking about one with LEDs that light up going up and down with the music. t

You could probably code that too, you will need to ask the developer of the extension how it works.

Are you asking for a graphic equalizer or spectrum analyzer?

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