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Hi, I´m new to App Inventor and I´m trying to make a grading management app, where you can input your own classes and your grades to get a blick of how the year is going. I was able to make a customizable list for the classes, a home screen and a side menu, but I seem to be stuck in a way to input grades to the classes and get an average for them and maybe show them i a table of sorts. Any help would be wonderful. I added the project to the the post so you´re able to see what i have so far. Thanks

P.S. im not sure if im in the right category for this and i couldnt find any other post that helped me

Notenverwaltung.aia (255.3 KB)

A spreadsheet is a good vehicle to line up your data in tables and summarize them.
Incidentally, AI2 has a component for that.

I recommend three sheets, class, detail, and summary:

Class is just a list of your class names in column 1. This is good for populating the Elements of a List Picker in your grade entry screen.

Detail has one row per test, with these columns:

  • Student name (if multi-student)
  • Class name
  • Weight (a multiplier number between 0 and 1 for relative importance to grade)
  • Grade (0-100)
  • Date (optional)
  • Weighted Grade (from multiplying the Grade and Weight); adding these up gives you final Grade

Summary sheet:

  • Class name
  • Sum of weighted grades for this class

Note that Google Sheets has lots of summation (=SUMIFS) functions that you can invoke in cells in your summary sheet, allowing Google Sheets to do a lot of the summation work for you.

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