GPS Provider: fused

I have a user that is getting "fused" as GPS provider and not getting any Lat/Lon/Acc/Alt data and the GPS year is reporting 1970.

No other users have reported such an issue... The device does not have a Sim Card. Although when I tried after removing my Sim Card, the app still ran fine and GPS data got reported accurately.

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That is this 'Provider" Fused Location Provider API  |  Google Developers

You might have to set the Provider to GPS using Blocks; then Lock the Provider. It might let his/her Project to run on that device. I haven't seen this Provider option in any of the devices I have so you may have to experiment.

The app also might work if you change the System Location Settings on the device.

What Android version is this device? What is the device?

Where is that appearing. This might be satellite ephemeris data. The LocationSensor does not have that capability. Is this person using a extension to view satellite gps data?

If you want further advice you need to share the Project Blocks or the aia and information about the device.