Tracking the live location with GPS have seen... but LBS, AGPS, LPS, Wi-Fi how can be achieved?
How to organize the blocks for same.
Infact do it even done in app by any one.

  • LPS (local positioning system ) works by using short-range signaling beacons (called anchor nodes), each with a known exact location for positioning objects through triangulation techniques . App Inventor cannot do it.

  • Assisted GPS (AGPS) is a system allowing global positioning system (GPS) receivers to obtain information from network resources to assist in satellite location** . Requires use of the Internet; GPS does not need the Internet,

  • LBS What is a Location-Based Service and How Does It Work?

  • WIFI essentially what you get when you use the LocationSensor fused LocationSensor Provider.
    Different location sources, such as GPS and Wi-Fi, are used when opting for fused Provider (actually since about Android 10 this is the default Android Provider setting). It is used when the developer does not specifically indicate a gps Provider. The fused location provider API removes the guesswork by automatically changing the appropriate system settings. All your app must do is specify the desired level of service.

If you want to use this stuff, use Android Studio and your own support services required to use the protocol.