GPS коорlинаты по SMS ( GPS coordinates via SMS )

Добрый день! не могу сделать, чтобы при отправке смс на телефон мне обратно приходили координаты место положения человека или в режиме реального времени разместить на карте

What builder are you using? In your other topic it shows you are using Kodular.

я использую и Mit app invertor b Kodular

по той теме которую удалили тоже смое по звонку и в Mit app invertor проблема

You can not send a text to someone and have that person's device automatically reply with his/her location coordinates or display the location on a map on your device.

You can share an app with someone and if he/or she also has the app you can share locations with one another in real time using a CloudDB or FirebaseDB or possibly a Google Spreadsheet .and display the locations on a map . Here is one way to do that shown in this tutorial:

or you can share your location with someone by sending them a text and provide a way to display that location on their device.

but you cannot do the reverse as you asked.