GPS coordinates in a loop

Hi! I'm not a professional, so my question might
be a little silly for you, but... I need to create a simple app.

I want this app to show a message when I'm at specific location. It shows coordinates correctly, but doesn't react for entering the zone. When I'm at the zone, it shows a message, but when I'm going from the outside of zone to the location and get there, nothing happens. It looks like it read location only once, when I press the start button and doesn't react for changes. I tried to use loop and "if" - nothings helps. GPS coordinates are refreshing with interval of 1 second.

I hope, some of you may have an idea, how to solve it :relaxed:

Welcome Przem.

Yours is not a silly question.

The method you are trying to determine if you have arrived at a specific location will not work for numerous reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed in Using the Location Sensor . To solve your issue, requires an understanding of how a GPS works, the article explains that.

Here are methods that will work

:cry: unfortunately this is not how a GPS receiver works. The LocationSensor only will report a location change after a satellite satellite fix. Most cell phone gps receivers, at best, refresh after about 20 seconds.

Good luck with your Project.