GotFocus() on a ListView

When I install my application on an Android TVBox and I manage all the content through the remote control, I would like that when I'm over an item (before hitting enter) of a ListView it turns to another color, that item. As far as I see, this can only be done with the AfterPicking event, but I would like to get a behavior similar to the GotFocus of a button. Can you give me some idea? Thank you very much!

You may need to put your "listview" (list of items) in a html table in a webviewer in order to get hover events working, using the webviewstring to send and receive data

Could you send me an example? Please.

You can also create a list using the CompCreator extension, using another extension that will capture the Focus of a component used in the list.
E.g. a text list created with CompCreator and labels in which focus can be turned on with LabelPlus.

Too difficult for me... :frowning: