Google summer of code contributor

I am an undergraduate student in IIT Roorkee. I am a community taught developer and an open source enthusiast. I have prior knowledge of javascript, javascript libraries and frameworks such as React, Angular, Node, VueJS, as well as other programming languages like C/C++, Python, Java. I would like to contribute to MIT App Inventor as a part of my GSoC project. Please add me to the mailing list.


Hi @Reeshita_Paul thanks you for joining us.

There is not spacific mailing list for Google Summer of Code, you can talk about your ideas and thoughts here publicly.

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Please also see this post about how to get prepared for GSOC participation:

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Hello, I'm Tanmay Srivastava a sophomore at the NIT Hamirpur.
I'd want to contribute to the development of MIT App Inventor project.
I see the majority of the code base is written in Java and JavaScript.
I'm considering to introduce Flutter, as it's cross-platform and open-source.
I'd like to hear If this is a healthy direction to think?

What do you mean by introducing Flutter? Are you saying to integrate flutter with MIT App Inventor? So that user can build cross platform App?

Yes sir, Is it technically unfeasible?

@Tanmay_Srivastava first of all thank you for joining us as a community member and I am happy to hear that you are interested in App Inventor.

But I want to say currently we are not looking for flutter integration because there is no meaning of that.

If we do then we need to change lot's of code because App Inventor is written in java and flutter is using Dart, so I think it is not possible right now.

:pensive::pensive: I am not sir. I am student and I want to be student always.


Thank you @preetvadaliya for your warm welcome; I agree that rewriting the entire code base would be challenging; but, I just thought to come up with something different, and this idea felt nice to me at then.

I understand that you consider yourself a student and prefer not to be addressed as sir, but at my college, we have a practice of addressing seniors as sir/ma'am, so I went with that. You're elder and more erudite than I am, so addressing you by your name didn't seem proper.

Anyway, I browsed through MIT App Inventor's proposed projects and I'd like to contribute to them, so could you perhaps direct me on how to get started?

Yes sure.

You can ask anything related App Inventor we will try to help you.

For GSoC you can go through the idea list given by MIT App Inventor team and you can share your way or thoughts here by creating new topic in community.

All members will give you feedback and more ideas related project idea.

For more information I suggest you to read topics which are under the opensource category=>Google Summer of Code.