Google Spreadsheet Extension getColumnwithrange

I'm using the SpreadsheetExtension created by AppHelper Version11.
My connection to the relevant Spreadsheet works. I'm searching for a solution how to get 4 rows of a specific Column. Example: Column I, Range 3 to 6

After receiving the data i would like to set the values into 4 separated Text-Fields.

I tried it with :

but now i cannot find the solution to fill txtfield1, txtfield2, ...

and now.....?

Hope you can understand my question.
Any idea is welcome

best greetings


Simply, temporarily add a label and when got columns with range, set label text to get columns. Study the response. What do you get ? a list ?

Hi, I created following:

the result in lblTemp looks like on text-line as : (1.522,01 € -1.142.45 € - 17,24 € - 392,32 € )

this result should be written in
txtfield1 = 1.522,01 €
txtfield2 = -1.142,45 €
txtfield3 = -17,24€
txtfield4 = -392,32€

I found a solution from a prior community topic.
here is the link:
Split a string and store the separate snipsel - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

Thanks and a good weekend

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