Google spreadsheet can do like redis?


is it possible to use spreadsheet google like database on saving data of button state instead of using redis?

and if can use please help me on how to code 1 button to save state if on or off in google speadsheet

thank you in advance

If you only need to save the state of one button, I would suggest you use tinyWebDB, using google sheets would be overkill. Not sure what is wrong with using cloudDB for the same thing?


i already know how to use tinydb and cloud db and also redis but as we all know tiny ans cloud is for testing purpose and cant be handle big project about redis i manage to us the local redis server but it use alot of battery so im planning to use spreadsheet to handle 20 button state only but i cant get the right code to work it or spreadsheet cant be use it on storing button state?

Yes, you can use google sheets to store the "state" of 20 buttons ....

Show your relevant blocks for where you have got to so far, along with your connection to google sheets, we can take it from there to find a solution.

actually i dont know how will start the code because i cant see how to call or get command for spreadsheet i cant see any component for spreadsheet sorry im still learning on MIT APP if you can give me some sample for 2 button i really appreciate

Here is a simple method to upload and download data to/from a google sheet (whether private or public)

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