Google Sheets functions in Microsoft 365

Can any one tell me whether we can do all Google Sheets operations in MIT AI2 with Microsoft 365 like form, get data, read data, etc

You mean google docs or smh?

Sheets or Excel

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why a second account? Only one is necessary/required/allowed.

which would you like us to delete ?

That Gmail deactivated and deleted, I can't sign in, :100: Delete my other one, If you can merge my profile you can do

Will do.

Now, do you want to work with Office 365(Excel) or Google Sheets?

If Google Sheets, there are many guides in the Tutorials category of the community.

If Office 365(Excel) you will find very little. Connectivity to Office 365 from AI2 is very limited, if non-existent. What you can do is convert your Excel files to Google Sheets, then work with Google Sheets

I signed up for Office 365 trial and I think it has faster loading speed than Google sheets and also it has 100K cells in one sheet and also 1TB One Drive Space.

But I'm also PRO Google sheets user for my office works and Formulas also vary each other. So I cancelled my office 365 and come back to Google Workspace as I can create Android Apps and Desktop Apps without any difficulties.

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For office 365 excel sheet, pls ref here