🟩 Google Sheets For AppInventor (replicant!)

Based on the work of Tommy Heng, a google apps script version of the proposed built-in MIT Google Sheets component. Can be considered as a primer on how to use google apps script to do all (?) the things people want to do with google sheets....Includes a barebones aia project (with script file) for developers.


Google Sheets for AppInventor


Nice guide

This also works:

Yes, but only to write a single record/row to a sheet....

you can write multiple rows, separately, but not a full CRUD

Is there any possible to send more than one value (may be 2 or 3) from one screen to another screen?

I think you're on the wrong topic. Create a new topic, for you're FYI just send values in a list.

Either using the tinydb or a start value, place all your values in a list then send the list variable.

I agree... Thank u.

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Yes sir. It works well... Thank you.

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