Google Sheets component

Good day all,
I'm new to App Inventor and trying to create the PizzaParty app. I followed all the instructions to setup the Google Sheets API but I still don't see it in the component list. Am I doing something wrong?

The google sheets component is presently on the test server

To begin using the Google Sheets Component, one must create a Google Sheets Service Account. A step-by-step guide can be found here:

Google Sheets API Setup

Google Sheets API Setup Table of Contents Create a Service Account 1. Create a Google Developer Account 2. Create a Google Developer Project 3. Enable the Google Sheets API 4. Creating a Service Account Link the Google Sheets Document 1. Create the...

The test server for this component can be found here ( ). To clarify, this Google Sheets component is not a feature of the current release of App Inventor and is still under development. In order to use the Google Sheets component, you will need to use the test server linked above and download the companion from the test server by clicking Help > Companion Information . The download link for the test server's companion will be in the resulting pop-up

Thanks Anup_Ludra,
I downloaded the companion apk to my laptop, what do I do with it?


Better to use the AI2 Companion on the mobile phone. Available on Google Play

In the MIT App Inventor, Click on Connect > AI Companion.
It will generate a QR Code

Now start the Companion app on ur mobile
and choose Scan QR Code option.
Scan the QR Code
The app will run for you to test without installing the app on your mobile

But the Google Sheet Component requires the NEW VERSION of the AI Companion.

However, whatever you intend doing with the Google Sheets component is easily achieved in the present version of the MIT App inventor with block codes

Thank you so much for all your help, I was all kind of confused. I'm good now.

Have a super day!