Google Sheet entries reappear

I programmed an app for the school where I work, in which the pupils can register for lunch in the school canteen. The registrations are saved in a Google Sheet which is structured as follows:

Now it happens that pupils are ill or decide not to eat in the school canteen. For this purpose, I have programmed another app for the canteen manager, which she can use to delete the entries from the Google Sheet. This actually works as intended.

However, the canteen manager told me (and I checked this) that if she deletes an entry for Wednesday on Monday, for example, this works at first, but the next day (in this example, Tuesday) the entry that was actually deleted appears again.

If the canteen manager deletes an entry on Monday for Monday, then this entry no longer appears. The phenomenon therefore only occurs if she deletes an entry on a day in the future. I can't explain this...

I have already stood next to the canteen manager with my laptop and the Google Sheet file open and have seen live how the entry disappears from the Google Sheet when she deletes it via the app.

Do any of you have experience with such Google Sheet entries that suddenly reappear? And if so, do you have a solution?


We would need to see how you are handling the data in the app and for the google sheet. You probably have a list somewhere that is not updating correctly.

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