Google sheet drop-down list control mit appinventor

It possible to control google drop-down list on MIT appinventor?

Can you explain bit more about problem.

I want to sheet data update from MIT appinventor I can do this type data or select spinner or list picker but I have need select or click drop-down list on sheet. How I can do this on mit appinventor?

Or like this

I want to click this drop-down list from MIT appinventor.

This can be easily solved by Google apps script.

And we have one good script writer @TIMAI2 .

He definitely help you.

Its possible do this from appinventor?

@Rafik30905 I am not sure but as I know we can create a dynamic dropdown in GoogleSheet using GoogleAppsScript but maybe there is something for click dropdown also.

If you are able to write the AppsScript then probably you need to look at SpreadsheetApp.newDataValidation().

@Rafik30905 but why do you want to click it from App Inventor App, you can create a dropdown in App using a spinner or list view then get a selection from the user and then send this value to your sheet.

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I have already create a spinner list But the problem is that when you have to add a new item to this list, you have to update the apps which all the app users have to update again. But if I can use sheet Dropdown lest then just edit the dropdown list of google sheet.

You want to work with the data that is used in the drop down, not the drop down itself.

You could use an apps script to edit and update the data, or a more complicated solution using a Google form and an apps script function in the spreadsheet.

You could consider making your list in clouddb or firebase